Brief Mini Implant History

MLD Web Presentation 9-08-New.008.jpgMuch progress has been made in Mini-implants since their first introduction in the 1960's. Design sizes and parts have improved dramatically to become the new version we have today. For a long time mini-implants were seen as short-term or interim solutions until standard implants could be placed. This is definitely not the case today.

It has taken longer to understand how to make this revolutionary technique work at its optimum level. It obviously took many failures and successes over approximately ten years of follow-up to really grasp all details that make this technique so successful. Years of research have taught us how mini-implants should be used and which appropriate techniques to use or to avoid. We are now able to predict the probabilities of success and failure for most cases and we do have the knowledge to resolve problems when they occur.

Unfortunately, the mini-implant technique was not something that was well taught of in 2001 when Dr Lemay began placing mini-implants, and it has taken him several years and many trials and errors to completely understand and adapt the technique to reach the results he has achieved today.

MLD Web Presentation 9-08-New.027.jpg“ While my first training on mini-implants was limited to a three hour theoretical seminar, I had to learn much more on my own by researching this subject, reading any articles I could find, and by practicing the technique and taking courses in bone grafting and mastering prosthesis. Now, I am able to offer a full series of courses that will allow other dentists to succeed with this technique immediately and avoid the countless hours and years of learning how to avoid problems. CMI has more than 18 hours of courses starting from a very complete basic hands on training, to the most complicated cases with extractions. These courses are offered throughout Canada. “ Dr Lemay

CMI also offers dentists individual training in their own office, for a more personal, hands-on experience. Just ask us how!

We invite you to read the course descriptions of our seminars on our web site and see how CMI can be your best support for learning the mini-implant technique.