img-dr-lemay.jpgClinical cases

When mini-implants were introduced in 2000, their purpose was to just stabilize lower dentures. Since then, their use has spread to may other situations. We now can  do upper cases, partial cases and also fixed cases. We have here a sample of almost everything that can be done with small diameter implants with clinical pictures. These cases can be surgical or non-surgical.
Partial extraction case Cosmetic partial with clasp
Complete upper and lower extraction case Lower partial
Lower stabilization, with surgery Upper partial
Lower stabilization, non surgical, standard resorbtion Upper anterior partial
Lower stabilization, non surgical, extreme resorption
Full upper case extreme Unilateral lower partial
Full upper case standard Fixed upper posterior bridge cantilever
Fixed single crown anterior Gag reflex problem

Fixed single crown posterior

Repair and mixed with standard implants
Fixed multiple anterior crowns Upper stabilization and sinus lift
Fixed multiple posterior crowns


Patient Testimonials

Mini-Implants really change lives of patients who need a solution and who cannot afford standard implants. Here are some cases performed  between 2000 and 2007 with actual patient testimonial, years after their treatment.   Note that Laurette, Jacqueline and Rollande's testimonials are in french.
Alfred James


Barbara Joy Jill
Bridget Jodie
Diane Laurette
Elizabeth Linda
Ira Marie
Jacqueline Tony