Testimonials on clinical training in Palm Springs

My name is Dr Ellen Lee Colfer from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. On January 29, 2012, I was one of two dentists who attended a clinical session with Dr. Bruno Lemay at his office in Palm Springs where Dr. Lemay performed mini-implant surgery on several patients. We were fortunate enough to watch his expert skills as he treated fully edentulous patients with modification of the dentures, partially dentate patients and a case of single implant placement. Our experience was particularly meaningful as Dr. Lemay explained the decision making process for each case he was involved in, why the particular implants were chosen and even how to proceed when adverse situations occur. The entire day was a tremendously positive experience for both of us as we watched a master clinician at work. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is planning to work with mini-implants as the personalized education is invaluable. Thank you Dr. Lemay.

Dr Lemay
Thank you for your expertise in mini implants. In this over the shoulder
clinic course, Bruno shows us his skills and secrets to the mini implants.
Live patient surgeries help cement the fundamentals and apply them to our
practice. Thank you, Dr Kenneth Mc CRacken, BC