Meet Dr. Lemay

DrLemay.jpgWith more than ten years of experience with mini-dental implants and his exceptional long-term results, the founder of CMI, Dr. Bruno Lemay will help you succeed with the most difficult cases and help you along the road of the learning process of this exciting technique.

Your dental practice can only greatly profit from this exciting technique while the level of appreciation from your patients will undoubtedly grow. Further more, you won't waste your time making the same mistakes Dr. Lemay did along the way. Do not miss this chance to learn this exciting alternative, which will make your life easier, and greatly enhance the life of your patients.

A 1990 Graduate of Laval University in Quebec City, Dr. Lemay practiced in Northern Quebec for eight years before attending UCLA in Oral Biology. It was then that Dr. Lemay was introduced to the mini-dental implant technique. In 2000, he moved to Palm Springs California where he perfected his technique with mini-implants. Since then, Dr. Lemay has participated in a 5 year clinical research study on the long-term success of mini-implants, while providing training around the United States and Canada on how to achieve long-term success with this revolutionary technique.

Since 2001, Dr. Lemay had the chance to perfect his technique to reach unbelievable long-term success. However, he also experienced some failures and faced some disappointment from his fellow dentists who were also practicing the technique. Dr. Lemay decided to create the CMI institute to help other dentists improve their technique and achieve greater long-term success because he really believes in the use of this revolutionary mini-dental implants.

CMI offers a series of exciting and dynamic seminars on mini-dental implants which will answer all your questions , make your experience with the use of mini-implants more enjoyable and show you how to apply this technique in your daily practice. With time, you will find more and more clinical applications which will help you in resolving some problems you face every day. During the whole training, we will follow your learning curve and help you advance slowly but surely through the most challenging and exciting cases and answer all your questions along the way.