CMI now offers our Dentist and Denturist Mini-implant courses online!! The online training courses are exactly the same as our live lectures. Complete the entire training at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want! The online training courses are PC/Mac/Ipad & iphone compatible. Our online training course for dentists consists of course #1 and #2 for $899 USD + taxes. Course #1 and Course #2 are combined for our online training, and cannot be purchased separately. The Dentist online training is worth 14 CE Credits. Our online training course for denturists consists of a large part of course #1 for $135 USD + taxes for 7 CE credits.


Course Descriptions

Course #1

“The essentials of small diameter implants...A comprehensive workshop and problem management with hands-on"

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Course #2

“Small diameter implants: Advanced training, Alternative options, Extractions and Bone Grafting for Mini-Implants”

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Course #1 + #2


Course #3

“A full clinical day with Dr. Lemay in his Palm Springs office''

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9 hours of continuing education/credits...
$1,479 no taxes
Limit of 2 to 3 dentists per day maximum... first arrived, first served!